Flatbed Trucking in Nisku

If you are looking for a trucking company in Nisku to transport your oversized cargo, we invite you to contact Pure Services Group Of Companies Inc. With our specialized flatbed trailers, we are able to safely—and swiftly—transport all your cargo that doesn’t sit in a typical enclosed trailer or dry van.

Rest assured, our aluminum-shelled and routinely serviced flatbeds are ready to make your day a little brighter. To request our services, pick up the phone and call (780) 803-7873 at your convenience.

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Flatbeds Fit for Anything

It isn’t just our drivers and the rest of our company’s team that stand out from the rest. Here, our excellent flatbed trucks and trailers are also incomparable in their versatility and ease of use. Well-maintained and over 100 feet in length, our flatbeds have the capacity to transport oversized and unconventional cargo of all varieties. Some of what we commonly transport includes, but is not limited to:

  • Oversized piping
  • Lumber
  • Mobile homes
  • Cars
  • Tow trucks
  • Construction equipment
  • And more

Keeping an Eye on Your Cargo

Flatbeds provide a unique form of transportation. Their length and width make them ideal for shipments of all varieties. Unlike enclosed trucks, they’re able to transport items of irregular heights, too.

Rest assured, the exposed nature of the flatbed trailers doesn’t put your freight at risk. We go to great lengths to ensure your freight remains safe and secure during the entire duration of its journey. Using only the finest tarps, coverings, and braces, we will make sure to shield your cargo from the elements.

Priced with You in Mind

We are one of the most sought-after flatbed carriers in the region. With client-friendly rates like ours, it is easy to see why. We price our services with the client in mind, ensuring that businesses, individuals, and families of all distinctions can access our services.

Flatbeds for All Industries

We have come to work with countless industries and professionals in our community. Our experience has allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the standard and expectations of our vast clientele. Rather than simply meeting the standards of you and all our clients, we are able to exceed them.

Some of the industries we commonly serve include:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • And more

Always On Time

It isn’t enough to get your cargo to you in one piece. Many industry professionals work on deadlines. They require their employees to operate on these strict schedules, and their sub-contractors, too.

Rest assured, we observe deadlines with seriousness. When we set a time for arrival, we stick to it.

Get the Flatbed Service You Need

When the time comes to transport precious, valuable cargo, we hope you think of our flatbed trucking company. With our commitment to competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and diligent cargo care, we give you the service you truly deserve.

From vehicles to your valuable construction materials, our flatbeds can handle it all. As always, we’ll handle the cargo with incomparable care.

Call us at (780) 803-7873 today.